• N. A. Ulianova Odessa National Medical University of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Odesa, Ukraine
  • S. I. Burdeinyi Odessa National Medical University of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Odesa, Ukraine



progressive myopia, optic nerve disc, spectral optical coherence tomography


The data on changes in the angular characteristics of the optic nerve disc (OND) in progressive myopia are presented in this article. Under observation there were patients who were divided into three groups: Group I − 25 patients (50 eyes) with a slow pace of progression of myopia (up to 1.0 D per year); Group II − 25 patients (50 eyes) with fast pace of progression of myopia (over 1.0 D per year); Group III − 20 healthy children (40 eyes) with emmetropy. Morphological analysis of OND and peripapillary area of the retina was performed by the method of spectral optical coherent tomography (SOCT) on the apparatus «Soct Copernicus Optopol» according to the standard protocol. The angular characteristics of the OND were determined by the magnitude of the angle between the lines drawn from the edges of the OND to the deepest point of the physiological excavation of OND on all scanograms obtained in the «Asterisk scanning program» mode, followed by the calculation of the mean magnitude of the angle. The statistical processing of the data was carried out using a dispersion analysis, the Newman-Keuls criterion.
As a result of the conducted research, we can state that, with the absence of reliable changes in the standard morphometry of the OND, changes in the angular characteristics were found, particularly, the decrease of the angular characteristics of OND in children with a rapid myopia progression to 127°±2.8, while with emmetropy and slowly progressive myopia, this index is 152°±2.9 and 150°±3.1, respectively (p<0.05), which may indicate a predisposition of this category of patients to the propensity of OND deformations.


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