• S. O. Rykov National Medcal Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
  • A. V. Burdei National Medcal Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine



primary open-angle glaucoma, polymorphism of the glutathione-S-transferase gene (GSTM1 i GSTT1)


Aim: to determine the association of deletion polymorphisms of the GST gene (GSTM1 and GSTT1) with the development of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) in patients from the Ukrainian population.
Materials and methods. 172 patients with POAG of stages I–IV were examined in the Kyiv City Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital “Eye Microsurgery Center” – the clinical base of the Department of Ophthalmology of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Analysis of the deletion polymorphism of the GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes was carried out by real-time polymerase chain reaction using the unifi ed test systems of TaqMan Mutation Detection Assays Life-Technology (USA). Statistical analysis of the obtained data was carried out using the MedStat package and the MedCalc v.15.1 statistical package (MedCalc Software bvba).
Results and discussion. The detection of “zero” alleles of the GSTM1 gene was noted in 39 % of patients in the control group, in patients with POAG, a signifi cant increase in the frequency of deletion polymorphism up to 50–56 % was observed with the progression of the disease to stage II–IV. In patients with stage IV, the infl uence of the GSTM1-null allele on the course of POAG (χ2=3.97, p=0.047) was determined, and the zero GSTM1 allele doubled the likeli hood of the disease (OR=2.01; 95 % CI=1.01–4.01) in patients of the 4th group in comparison with the control. The “zero” allele of the GSTT1 gene in the control group was detected in 31 %, the increase in the GSTT1-null allele frequency was also noted in II–IV stages of the POAG: from 41 % to 54 %. The statistically signifi cant differences in the frequencies of alleles of the GSTT1 gene between the control group and all patients with POAG (χ2=4.43, p=0.03), between the control group and the 4th group (χ2=7.64, p=0.01) and between the 1-st and 4-th groups (χ2=5.52, p=0.02).

For the deletion polymorphism of the GSTT1 gene, association with the development of POAG (χ2=4.43, p=0.03) was determined when comparing the control group with the data of all patients with POAG (1–4 groups). When stratifi cation by stages of POAG (i.e., by groups of patients), association with the development of POAG was determined only for patients of the 4th group (χ2=7.64, p=0.01) in comparison with the control group.
Conclusions. As a result of the study, the association of the “zero” allele of the GSTT1 gene with POAG (p=0.03) was established. The presence of the allele GSTT1-null signifi cantly increased the risk of developing POAG (OR=1.75, CI=1.04–2.96) compared with the control group. The presence of “null” alleles (GSTM1-null and GSTT1-null) of deletion polymorphism of the GST gene increased the risk of development of stage IV of POAG (OR=2.01; CI=1.01–4.01 and OR=2.66; CI=1,32–5,37, respectively) compared with the control group, which indicated the effect of “zero” alleles on the rate of progression of the disease.



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