S. Yu. Mogilevskyy, O. V. Bushueva, L. V. Natrus


With regard to absence of timely visits of patients and late diagnosis of diabetes mellitus 2 type (DM2T), at the time of diagnosis upto 50 % of complications were related to the development of micro- and macroangiopathy.Among frequent complications – diabetic retinopathy (DR) that is a near-term reason of blindness for the persons of working age.
Aim. Comparison of clinical, laboratory and ophthalmology data for the description of patients with diabetic retinopathy and diabetes mellitus 2 type.
Material and methods. Within the study 302 persons were distributed into four groups: 1st group included 98 patients, that did not have DM2T (control), 2nd group (n=76) involved patients with stage I of DR (without visible changes on ocular fundus), 3rd group (n=64) included patients with nonproliferative DR, and 4th group (n=64) – patients with cataract and proliferative DR.
Results and discussion. The study results demonstrated that most of the patients (2/3) had DM2Т. In its turn most of the patients (2/3) with DM2Т had DR. Among the patients with DR frequency of nonproliferative and proliferative DR was 1:1; patients with proliferative DR from the general amount of patients made up 21,2%. On the whole women (65,2%) prevailed in this category of patients. After fi ve years of illness no patients with MD2Т of retinopathy are traced, while in eight-year time – the signs of nonproliferative DR appear, and in 11 years – signs of proliferative DR are traced. Nonproliferative DR, and in a greater degree proliferative DR were characterized with the retina thickness (on the OKT-indexes). The reason of it is the accumulation of intraocular liquid of diene conjugates, that was especially vivid in patients with proliferative DR. The activity of catalase increased, however this mechanism under proliferative DR was exhausted. In every patient with proliferative DR there were marks of neovascularisation and/or hemophthalmia .


diabetic retinopathy, diabetes mellitus 2 type, clinical and laboratory indexes


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