S. Yu. Mogilevskyy, L. I. Denisiuk


Introduction. Among many inherited and genetic factors, which associated with development of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), the ТР53 gene has the direct connection with it. According to the literature it is considered that development of POAG is associated with allele С (72Pro) in polymorphous 72 codon of gene, but there is an opposite opinion about the presence of association of proapoptotic allele G (72Arg) with disease or even about the absence of association with disease, that may vary depending on age and sex of patients.
The purpose of our work was the investigation of association of polymorphism Pro72Arg of gene ТР53 with development of POAG depending on sex and age.
Material and Methods. The group of cases consisted of 172 patients with diagnosis POAG and the control group consisted of 98 patients without such a diagnosis (a total of 270 patients). There were 78 (45 %) men and 94 (55 %) women in the group with POAG (cases).
Results. It was revealed that in women at the age below 60 the development of POAG was associated with proapoptotic genotype Arg72Arg and allele 72Arg. The development of disease in men after 60 years of age was associated with genotype Pro72Pro and allele 72Pro. There was no association detected between development of POAG and distribution of genotypes and alleles in men before 60 years of age and in women after 60 years. Thus, the proapoptotic allele Arg of Pro72Arg polymorphism has pathogenic role in POAG development at the age below 60 years in women and allele 72Pro – at the age of more than 60 years of age in men.


Primary open angle glaucoma, polymorphism Pro72Arg of gene ТР53, sex, age


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