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diabetic macular edema, optical coherence tomography


Introduction. Macular edema can be the fi rst symptom of diabetic retinopathy and occurs on any stage of its development. Optical coherence tomography in diabetic macular edema (DME) is used as a screening method and its quantitative evaluation. Thus there is a necessity in systematization and comparison of optical coherence tomography changes in macular region with international disease severity scale of diabetic macular edema.
The purpose of our work was to improve the algorithm of analysis of optical coherence tomography images of macula in diabetic macular edema.
Material and methods. There were 82 patients (125 eyes) of patients with diabetes mellitus included in our study with diabetic retinopathy of different degree and ophthalmoscopy picture of diabetic maculopathy.
Spectral optical coherence tomography (OCT), fl uorescent angiography (FA), fundus photography were performed to all patients except general ophthalmological investigations. We proposed to use the scoring system which corresponded to specifi c DME changes on OCT image for grading of macular edema disease severity scale according to international classifi cation.

Results. In our study from the total quantity of 125 eyes there were revealed 120 eyes (96%) with DME according to complex data of specifi c retinological investigations (Photo, FA, OCT). Mild DME was revealed in 29 eyes (24 %), DME of moderate degree in 9 eyes (8%) and severe DME was revealed in 82 eyes (68%).
Conclusions. Thus the improved algorithm of analysis of optical coherence tomography images, proposed by us, allowed to perform evaluation of severity level of diabetic maculopathy according to international diabetic macular edema severity scale. This method of analysis is rather simple in mastering and can be used for screening of diabetic macular edema.


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