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haemangioma, pediatric ophthalmology, B-blockers


Infantile haemangioma is the most common tumour in newborn. Nowadays, we have a lot of methods for haemangioma treatment, but we still don’t have criteria to choose treatment way and one universal strategy.
Since 2008, both topical and systemic -blockers have been using for haemangioma treatment. First publication about using -blockers for hemangioma treatment appeared in 2010.
Aim: to study effi cacy of topical -blockers for haemangioma treatment.
Materials and methodos: during January 2012 – January 2015 150 patients with different localised haemangiomas were treated in our department, 30 of these patients were included in investigation. Patients were divided in 4 groups: 1st – superfi cial haemangioma of eyelid (6 patients), 2nd group – profound periorbital haemangioma (7 patients), 3rd group – periorbital haemangioma with mix type of grossing (14 patients), 4th group superfi cial hemangioma other localization (3 patients). First line of therapy consisted of timolol application. Second line of therapy consisted of timolol in combination with dimexidum in concentration 50:1 applied on haemangioma for 15 minutes 4 times per day. Results of treatment were registered after 2 weeks of treatment, and than every 4 weeks. Size of haemangioma was measured and photographed every 4 weeks.
Results: Treatment duration was 6 months (from 2 to 9 month), follow up period was 7 month (from 3 to 12 months) In all cases we observed answer to the treatment. First signs of disease regression were observed during fi rst week of treatment. 12 patients were excluded from investigation: 1 patient due to episode of bronchoobstruction (connection between timolol using and bronchoobstruction was not established), 2 patients started treatment with -blockers, 4 patients – started treatment with timogel, 5 patient was operated due to absence effect of treatment.
Summary. Described method could be used for treatment of superfi cial capillary haemangioma and for stabilisation of its sizes. Also this method is useful when other methods are contraindicated. It is necessary to use different treatment strategies for best curative and cosmetic effect. Mechanism of local effects of betablockers alone and in combination with dimexidum should be more deeply investigated. 


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