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adenoviral conjunctivitis, subalin, treatment


Infl ammatory diseases of the conjunctiva occupy one of the fi rst places among the pathologies of the visual organ. Adenovirus infection makes signifi cant contribution to the development of infl ammation in the conjunсtival cavity.
Insuffi ciently active and effective treatment of acute virus, including the adenovirus lesions of the eye, results in a transition into chronic form. This form is characterized by slow and sluggish duration, short periods of remission and frequent relapses, and brings discomfort to the patient for a long time.
Nowadays, there is an ongoing search for new drugs in ophthalmic practice that do not focus on chemotherapy and have antiviral, antibacterial affects and possess factor of specifi c immune resistance of the human body.
Bio-drugs, based on alive microbial cultures are usually used in human and veterinary medicine to correct microfl ora of the gastrointestinal tract, to fi ght viral and bacterial infections.
An important role of probiotics is their ability to increase the specifi c and non-specifi c immune reactivity of the host organism, and enhance it’s cellular and humoral response. When administered, probiotics activate production of cytokines, particularly interferon.
Purpose of the research. Improvement of the treatment effi ciency of adenoviral conjunctivitis with inclusion of endogenous interferon subalin inducer in complex therapy.
Materials and methods. Examination and treatment was performed in 73 patients (146 eyes) with adenoviral conjunctivitis. They were divided into 2 clinical groups: main group of 43 patients (86 eyes) and control group of 40 patients (80 eyes) group. Patients of both groups received traditional therapy which includes antiviral, antiseptic and anti-infl ammatory drugs. Patients of main group were additionally prescribed with probiotic subalin: 2 drops every 2 hours.
Results and their analysis. The use of subalin probiotic in addition to conventional therapy in the main group of patients helped by the positive dynamics of the visual organ. Thereby, the disappearance of the eyelids and conjunctiva edema, in patients with adenoviral conjunctivitis happened 2.39 days earlier compared to the control group of patients with the same disease (р < 0,05). The main group of patients recovery was faster by 6.01 days (p <0.01).
During treatment corrected visual acuity consistently increased in all patients. The use of probiotics in all clinical subgroups of patients led to higher visual acuity in the main group of patients after performed treatment: increase in visual acuity more than 0.7 in the main group of patients with adenoviral conjunctivitis was 23%, and in the control group – 9.2%.
Conclusion. Usage of subalin in the main group in the complex therapy, undoubtedly contributed to faster resortion of conjunctival hemorrhage, disappearance of follicles and conjunctival hyperemia. The treatment duration is shorter if to compare with treatment duration of control group.


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