Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Original article

Fluid channels of cornea and conjunctiva PDF
M.S. Daljit Singh 7-12
The study of the optic nerve disc status after two-stage surgical treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma according to laser scanning diagnostic method results PDF (Українська)
S. O. Rykov, Yu. M. Kondratenko, N. S. Lavryk, I. A. Makarenko, S. V. Vydyborets 12-19
Assessing the impact of the nature of professional activity in the development of glaucoma PDF (Українська)
N.N. Veselovskaya, Z.F. Veselovskaya, I.B. Zherebko 19-25
Evaluation of the state of ocular adnexa parameters at traumatic injuries PDF (Русский)
G.D. Zhaboiedov, O.V. Petrenko, D.G. Zhaboiedov 26-31
Efficiency of “Lanotan” in treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma PDF (Русский)
K.P. Pavlyuchenko, T.V. Oleynik, E. Mukhуnа 31-36
Hemodynamics and visual function features in chronic ischemic optic neuropathy PDF (Русский)
N.G. Zavgorodnyaya, O.A. Bezdenezhnaya, S.V. Bezdenezhny 36-42
Ophtalmodirofilariasis: clinical picture and treatment features PDF (Русский)
L. Sukhina, A. Smirnova, N. Skorodumova, K. Golubov, I. Sukhina, G. Kotlubei, A. Larkina 43-48
Using of anti VEGF-medications in treatment of choroid neovascularization PDF (Русский)
N.G. Zavgorodnya, I.A. Poplavska, L.E. Sargevska, M.B. Bezuglyi, D. V. Martynov 48-53
Pathogenetic substantiation of trabecula ablation ab interno (endotrabeculoectomy) for open-angle glaucoma PDF (Українська)
M.I. Novytskyy 54-59
Correlations between changes in the average thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer, their thickness in the lower quadrant and in the 19/17 sector in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma treated with L-arginine and lysine dipeptide - glutamic acid PDF (Русский)
M. Panchenko, P. Bezditko, O. Honchar 60-65
Immunocorrection efficiency in complex treatment of patients with initial nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy PDF (Русский)
A. Petrunya, A. Spektor, G. Stepanenko 66-72

Literature Review, Discussions

Application of antivascular endothelial growth factors in diseases of anterior segment of an eye PDF (Русский)
Y.A. Dyomin, P.V. Biletska 73-80
The use of local intra-arterial fibrinolysis for central retinal artery occlusion: literature review PDF (Українська)
S.O. Rykov, S.A. Suk, S.G. Saksonov, O.V. Topolnytska 80-88
Accommodating intraocular lenses (Review of literature) PDF (Русский)
N.M. Sergienko 88-95


Allergic conjunctivitis and modern methods of its treatment PDF (Русский)
A.M. Petrunya 96-103
Modern aspects of clinical picture and treatment of ischemic optical neuropathy PDF (Русский)
P. Bezdetko, D. Shylkina 103-113

Case report

An optic neuritis associated with Arnold-Chiari malformation PDF (Русский)
K.P. Pavlyuchenko, I.G. Zykov, N.I. Chizhevskaya 114-122


Peculiarities of the formation of occupational and social status of an ophthalmologist PDF (Русский)
L. Sukhina, A. Smirnova, K. Golubov, G. Kotlubei 123-126