Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Organizing and Management of Ophthalmological Care

Integration of the national strategy of the fight with blindness by 2020 the basic conceptual ways of reformation of the Public Health in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
D. V. Varyvonchyk, S. O. Rykov, N. A. Obukhova, A. B. Mishenin, A. O. Salyukov, L. I. Denisyuk, V. I. Shevchenko 11-17
Directions of the improvement of the organization of ophthalmo-oncologic aid to the population of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
A.S. Hudz 17-25

Original article

The application of orbital vessels triplex scanning in ophthalmological routine practice PDF (Русский)
А. V. Basov, O. P. Vitovskaya 25-29
Comparative characteristics of optic nerve cupping parameters in POAG of different hemodynamic types PDF (Русский)
N. G. Zavgorodnya, O. A. Bezugla 30-34
The relationship between the progress of diabetic retinopathy and level of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1) in diabetes mellitus type 2 PDF (Русский)
P. Bezdetko, S. Adzhadzh, Y. Ilyina 34-39
Pathogenetic aspects of neovascular retinal pathology PDF (Русский)
Y. A. Dyomin, P. V. Biletska 39-45
Clinical and epidemiological study of trabeculectomy efficacy PDF (Русский)
R. V. Avdeev, A. S. Alexandrov, A. S. Basinsky, E. A. Blyum, A. Yu. Brezhnev, E. N. Volkov, O. V. Gaponko, V. V. Gorodnichy, D. A. Dorofeev, P. Ch. Zavadsky, O. G. Zvereva, U. P. Karimov, A. V. Kulik, A. V. Kuroyedov, S. N. Lanin, Dzh. N. Lovpache, I. A. Loskutov, E. V. Molchanova, V. Yu. Ogorodnikova, O. N. Onufrichuk, S. Yu. Petrov, Yu. I. Rozhko, T. A. Sidenko, T. Dzh. Tazhibaev, A. V. Shepeleva 45-55
Progress of neovascularization of the iris in dependence on the level of vasomotor factors in patients with neovascular glaucoma PDF (Українська)
K. P. Pavlyuchenko, S. Yu. Mogilevskyy, S. V. Zyablitcev, O. V. Mukhina 55-59
To the ground of application of thiol drugs at bacterial conjunctivitis treatment PDF (Русский)
A. Petrunya, O. Selivanova, G. Stepanenko 60-67
Immune disorder correction in patients with dry of age-related macular degeneration PDF (Русский)
A. Petrunya, O. Yevsyukova 67-75
Risks and prevention of ophthalmologic pathology, caused by natural ultraviolet radiation PDF (Українська)
A.O. Salyukov, D.V. Varyvonchyk 75-79
The features of immunotherapy of recurrent herpetic corneal diseases PDF (Русский)
L. Sukhina, K. Golubov 79-83
The features of lipoprotein metabolism in patients with age- related macular dystrophy PDF (Русский)
L. Sukhina, K. Golubov, A. Smirnova, G. Kotlubei 83-86
Ultrasound changes of extreme periphery in patients with intermediate uveitis PDF (Русский)
M. Panchenko, T. Khramova, A. Lytvyshchenko 87-90
The first experience of Cross-Linking for progressive keratoconus in pediatric patients. Topography Guided Method PDF (Русский)
O.S. Averyanova, A.I. Kovalov, V.V. Kireev 91-97
Modern diagnostic possibilities and laser treatment of premacular subhyaloid hemorrhage (illustrated case) PDF (Русский)
S. Rykov, S. Suk, S. Saksonov, O. Venediktova 98-102
Closed vitrectomy with endovitreal antibiotics injection for posttraumatic endophthalmitis in children PDF (Русский)
S. Rykov, O. Tumanova, D. Goncharuk, B. Vydyborets 102-106
Manifestations of dry eye syndrome in patients with type 2 diabetes with inadequate vitamin D3 PDF (Українська)
Y. Komissarenko, O. Antonenko 106-110
The changes of newborn children’s eye fundus and factors that cause their appearance PDF (Русский)
L. Sukhina, A. Lysenko, T. Buchanovska 110-113


Teaching of the IV –year students at the ophthalmology department as one of the stages of preparation of family physician PDF (Русский)
K. P. Pavlyuchenko, B. B. Ivnev, I. G. Zykov 127-132

Literature Review, Discussions

Active approaches in the treatment of bacterial keratitis and purulent corneal ulcers PDF (Русский)
K. Pavlyuchenko, S. Mogilevsky, Yu. Tereshchenko, I. Zykov 120-127
Cataract as antiglaucomatous surgery complication in primary open-angle glaucoma PDF (Русский)
K. Pavlyuchenko, V. Pentchyuk, S. Mogilevskyy, S. Chernyaeva 115-120
Preparation of doctors-internes on the question of eyetrauma PDF (Русский)
L. A. Sukhina, M. B. Zorina, I. V. Sukhina, K. E. Golubov 132-136

Pages of history

A. Amirov, Ya. Vurgaft, R. Tokinova 136-140